3 steps…. to download from RAPIDSHARE

Rapidshare is the largest file hosting web site in the world…. users can upload many files to it…. the website then let them and other people to download it again… we always find alot of RAPIDSHARE links as we surf the internet.rapidshare_logo

How to download from RAPIDSHARE???

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Click on the Rapidshare link…. then this Rapidshare page will appear…. you will see two buttons “free user” and “premium user”…. you have to click the “free user” button


2. On the next page there will be a countdown timer…. wait until it’ll reach ZERO…. It will show the download button.


3. Now just click the download button and download your file… EASY!!  isn’t it??


The difference between the “premium user” and the “free user”… is that the free users have some limitations… as a free user u’ll use a 50KB/s limited download speed, you can’t use any download manager and you can’t use the resume feature.

3 steps…. to download from RAPIDSHARE

7 thoughts on “3 steps…. to download from RAPIDSHARE

    1. Mohannad El-Tayeb says:

      lolz…. I’m sorry Qusai…. I know you can’t use RAPIDSHARE because of Canar….
      I think you should shift to Zain…. these days rapidshare is everything…

  1. Isba7 el-tegani says:

    thanx alot mohanad
    i am trying ..but l have an “Error”
    i gues this the same porblem with Qusai
    the RAPIDSHARE say :”please try to use a different browser” lpz i want other solution
    thak u ^_^

      1. Mohannad El-Tayeb says:

        I dunno… but some mDSL companies use dial up connections (dial up connections = Dynamic IP address = no downloading from rapidshare)….
        anywayz.. don’t worry…There must be some way… I’ll try to find how to do it

  2. ahmed says:

    يا اخي الرابد شير ما قاعد ينزل قاعد انتظر الثواني بعد ذللك بعمل error

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