Last week we’ve finished the course “English for Information Technology”, a course in communication and IT vocabulary, teached by Mr. Khalid El-Tinae. englishcourse For me, it was a very good experience. I’ve met a lot of good people, and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learnt not to be afraid of making mistakes because “the more mistakes you make the more you learn”, also I’ve learnt that speaking english fluently isn’t impossible, it just needs some effort, some hard work and an “atmosphere”.

What I want to say is that we shouldn’t stop, I think we should keep the “atmosphere” we had, and start our next ENGLISH activity…

Please give your opinions about the last course, and your ideas for the future…



8 thoughts on “English 4 IT… DISCUSSION

  1. HeloOo friends, Ramadan Kareeem..(^^;)
    Nice pic 4 the best days in my life..
    I just thought about English group in facebook, all of us must speake english together. In addition, we can share videos, websites, lyrics and IT’s topics.
    So..if all of you agree to this idea, u can join the IT group in facebook:

    By z way, i found a good website which learn u how to speake english fluently by listening to videos in the same time that you reading the text. And the idea of this website:
    (Do not memorize words. Native speakers do not learn English by remembering single words. Native speakers learn phrases. Phrases are GROUPS of words that naturally go together).

  2. it was such a delightful experience for me, i enjoyed the ENGLISH atmosphere we had in the course, and of course i most enjoyed my teachers’ (Mr.El-Tinai) teaching method and sense of humor.
    and i would like to thank Ibtihal for these great links she’s sharing here with us, and i really hope that we keep that atmosphere and keep practicing our English..

    i would like to thank my dearest friend Mohannad and all the people who worked hard to make this course happen.

  3. romaytha A.haleem says:

    really it was amazing english course, and we have to keep on.
    here is the a good website to learn english in which there is people who speak english by native so they can help you….try it


  4. bkrizen says:

    i think it was a wonderful course , wonderful people and of course a wonderful teacher -Mr.khalid-and as Qusai said I liked the teaching method followed by
    Mr. Khalid and his wonderful ideas .
    And I would like to offer my thanks to my friend Muhannad and all people who helped him for all of their effort to make this course success .
    And i deeply regret my inability to complete this course, but that was due to circumstances beyond my control. But I promise you that I participate and be the first of those present at any coming courses , if any .


  5. hiba says:

    Ramadan kreen….
    english for IT was afantastic project….
    during the course we were very happy, had anice time full of knowledge,and it was abig chance for us to improve our selves ,&that we must work hard untill we reach our aims….
    at the last lecture of the course we were verrry sad and we were worry because we may not cotinue working hard . so we must keep in with all of us & encourage each other to continue our long way…
    at last i want to thanks and send my respect to all the society membership,all my friends,and for my honest teacher Mr. Khalid and hope for him success in his all life…..

  6. Ehsan says:

    alslam 3laykom
    first of all,I’d thank you “Mohannad” to give us this pleasure by attending that course it was really helpful for me ,therefore, I’ve already attended many courses,but because there’s no practice I lost many of my vocabulary so, it was like a refresh for my English and it add to me many new words in my specialization.
    In addition,we can’t ignore that we lost many lectures so many people became unpunctual.I hope that next time inshallah we can solve this problem to ensure we get the most information we can collect.
    At last,I’d like to thank you again and all of you “the committee”and Mr.eltinai for their remarkable efforts and I’d confess it was really enjoyable course.

  7. I think the course went really well generally..The students were really noisy and wanted to run out as fast as possible but I think they eventually learned to love english as for their blogs AHEM AHEM I have a feeling Mr. Eltinaé will be leaving posts on everyone’s blogs of course they will be HONEST assessments of the HARD WORK everyone has done on their BLOGS, I will miss the “Jam3eeya” with all it’s silly vice-presidents and knights and princesses and royal decrees (Romaitha 🙂 ) and I applaud Mohanned’s organization as well as the enthusiasm of such a young group of Scholars. Future Advice: Please Work At Developing Yourself and Your Individuality, Don’t become a number amongst numbers BE a number worth counting.
    Anonymous Old Blogger Person

    1. Mohannad El-Tayeb says:

      Thanks Mr. Khalid for ur comment and advice…
      We’ll keep what we’ve started, inshallah….
      Wish you luck in your life

      P.S.: Romaitha… I can help you deleting your comment… 😀

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