Do you really know how to manage a project??

ProjectManagementIt’s important to every one to know how to manage project; because.. whatever your position you’ll need to manage a project one day, it can be a small or big project, anyways, here are some tips to help you manage your project successfully:

  1. Define the scope (Goals, objectives, what’s included and what’s not)
  2. Determine available resources.
  3. Check timeline.
  4. Assemble your project team.
  5. List big steps (Better if ordered, but not necessary)
  6. List smaller steps in each of the larger steps.
  7. Put all of your steps in a preliminary plan ( What happens first? what’s next? Which step can go at the same time using different resources? Who is going to do each step? How long will it take?)
  8. Create a baseline plan (adjusting the preliminary plan by getting feed back)
  9. Request project adjustments ( after writing your plan you’ll find out that you have to change some points in your scope, tell your boss and try to change them before beginning if possible)
  10. Work your plan, but never die for it (Plan can get changed, just focus on the scope and the resources)
  11. Monitor your team’s progress (Catch issues before they become problems)
  12. Document everything (specially plan changes)
  13. Keep everyone informed (Stakeholders, your team)


For more about project management check the link below:

Do you really know how to manage a project??

7 thoughts on “Do you really know how to manage a project??

  1. ahmed says:

    hiiii,mohannad,it’s a good think to talk about project managment but managing a project it’s not depends on these points only .the term “management” it’s a big word so as the term “project” you need about 3-4 courses to be professional also remember that managing needs more & more experience. lot of experience means managing project successfully.after all i think these points maybe a summary.
    thank you very much

  2. Arif alkhteeb says:

    slam,thank u for this summary of managing projects ,i love this issuses and i love it more when it be in points .
    i find some difficulty to do it ,i ask u about the order do u think it matter?????????

    1. Mohannad El-Tayeb says:

      For the points from 1 to 9 I think they should be done in order…. but the rest of the points are just advices… so you should put them on mind since the starting point of your project….
      Thanks Arif

  3. thank u Mohannad 4 this post ……..
    really we need heavy knowledge on this issue n also apractical side of it …… i think u carry on posting issues like this.

  4. haifaa aziz says:

    thanx Mohannad for you made it so clear to me to manage the website and my future projects ensha2allah 😀

  5. Razan Shorbagi says:

    Thanx alot Mohannad for dat great post and really i need this advices nowadays,,
    but i think i agree wz Ahmed dat the term “project management” more than dat and deeper and it’s really very interesting especially when u practise it

    thanks again

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