Angels and Demons – Book Review

Recently, I finished reading the novel “Angels and Demons”, and I watched its’ movie right after I finished reading the book.

They were both amazing, reading and watching both the Novel and the Movie was a great experience for me. And because of it’s my first time to read a Dan Brown’s novel, I never thought that someone could write in such a thrilling and interesting way, the man is simply great.

It was very exciting, every chapter will encourage you to read the next immediately without having no breaks, even though I had a lot of things to do, I stuck to the novel until it has ended. When reading a Dan Brown novel you will really experience something different.

What is really amazing in this novel and in Dan Brown’s novels in general is that he tends to use real facts from the real world.

When I first started to read the novel I was curious about the Author’s intentions behind this novel, and I really got confused, because the characters in the novel do have different religious views, for example the main character “Robert Langdon” is an Atheist, Leonardo Vetra and his daughter are scientists but they do believe in God, Maximilian Kohler is an Atheist who believes only in science and the camerlengo is a Christian who believes in Christianity, actually the camerlengo in the beginning of the novel represents the ideal religious man, someone who is very decent and wise. I really got confused and I thought for a moment that Dan Brown only chose these characters to add some variety and reality to the novel and that he doesn’t have any intentions behind this novel but thrill. But after almost half of the novel things began to rise, He started to bring wrong facts about Christianity and has connected Christianity with Sun Worshiping and said that they both came from the same source. I then thought, maybe Dan Brown doesn’t believe in Christianity but believes in God in general; but it wasn’t too long until he brought some stories through the characters of the novel that aims –obviously- to let people believe that there is no such thing as “God’s Will”, actually I don’t want to say more details for you who didn’t watch or read the story.

I really got confused, after reading the story I came to the conclusion that Dan Brown aimed to let people know 3 things:

  1. There is God
  2. Christianity is wrong
  3. There is nothing such as “God’s will”

Why has Dan Brown fought to deliver the idea that there is no “God’s will” when he wanted people to believe in God and wanted them also to believe in God’s greatness. I mean what kind of believe is that?!!

The answer is simple….. It’s the “Illuminati”‘s worldly believe and this is their way of deception…. One might say: “But Dan Brown exposed many of their secrets…” I know it’s really confusing, but this the closest explanation.. and in the end it’s just an opinion.. just be very careful when you read the novel

I strongly recommend you read the novel, but before you start reading it, I suggest you read about the “Illuminati” and the “New World Order”, from “Reliable” resources.

There are many materials talking about the Illuminati out there, and even though they have many wrong facts in them, but they will show you the big picture of what is happening. J

There are many signs… and what we should do is to connect them together.

Have you read the novel??? Tell me about your experience???

Angels and Demons – Book Review

2 thoughts on “Angels and Demons – Book Review

  1. I’ve just read the whole post, I am not really getting deeper into those Dan Brown’s novels, however, I am confused into these “Latin illuminatus”;
    On the other side they sounded interesting from your writing 🙂

    1. Mohannad El-Tayeb says:

      Tibyan, I’m very glad you’ve read my post,,, and yea, indeed, the illuminati thing is interesting,,, try to read about them,,, I don’t know if it is fiction or real,,, but their are many materials out there talking about them

      Thanks again 😀

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