The formula of “Success”

After finishing one of my University exams Yesterday,,, I looked back and I’ve realised that I’ve done a hard job trying to finish the material before the exam time, and I’ve felt that I’ve done a very good accomplishment… and I thought again what if my life had many deadlines,,, what if I felt the same urge to achieve in all aspects in my life… the answer is very simple “I’ll be more successful”

Here comes a natural question,,,, who will be the one managing you, setting

time-limits for you and demanding quality for your actions and tasks,,,, the answer is “It should be you”,,,, yea, you can wait for others to do this for you… and you can try to join “someone else”‘s work in order to let him set target

times for you… but still,,, you will be having no control over your life… just think about it

The formula of “Success”

One thought on “The formula of “Success”

  1. Nice writing and impressive way of thinking..thnx for sharing your experience about this important part of ones life “Control”.

    thnx again..

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