How to make a Kung Fu presentation

Last week I had the opportunity to present a presentation that aimed to point some points related to presentation skills, the presentation was a part of a workshop that included many other activities directed to “IEEE Sudan Initiative” new team members.

I chose the title to be “How to make a KUNG FU presentation”, I’ve showed the similarities between a Kung Fu fighter and a good presenter, and they were:

  1. The Kung Fu fighter fights for a purpose, and so is the good presenter ( He only presents for a well-known purpose)
  2. The Kung Fu fighter plans the whole fight before getting into it, also the good presenter plans the presentation before making it
  3. A Kung Fu fighter always learn and practice, the great presenter does the same ( learns new stuff about the area where he presents, and learns new presentation techniques. A good presenter also practices before presenting)
  4. The Kung Fu fighter takes pauses during the fight when he feels tired or unfocused, a presenter can do this also
The Workshop

After the presentation we had some public speaking and listening activities, I was really proud to present for such an elite audience, and I wish that I know the people of “IEEE Sudan Initiative” more and more, and to have such activities in the future.

You can download the PPT file from here.

How to make a Kung Fu presentation

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