Digital Fortress – Book Review

Digital FortressDigital Fortress by Dan Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Have just finished reading Dan Brown’s novel Digital Fortress, and again I think Dan Brown writings are thrilling and exciting more than any other writer.

As usual, Dan Brown introduces you to a world that you may not discover in your whole life, and this time, the world of national security agency and cryptography.

Coming from an IT background, I can say that this novel is very exciting and interesting. Details are realistic somehow, and definitely you will sense that Dan Brown has done some research to write this book.

From previous experience, I know that not everything that Dan Brown writes is true; but still, Dan Brown opens your mind for new possibilities and perspectives. This time Dan Brown brings up the common debate “Security vs. Privacy”, and introduce organizations such as NSA and EFF. Both of them are real organizations, and the war that is said to be between them do really exist.

Before reading this book, I’ve found many negative reviews about the book, but here it is, if you’re searching accurate details and very realistic characters then Dan Brown might not be a right choice for you, otherwise, you’ll enjoy the medium amount of truth that is brought up in this book.

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Digital Fortress – Book Review

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