Say Hello!

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12 thoughts on “Say Hello!

  1. isab7 el-tegani says:

    waaow .. it’s so nice & humoristic blog . finally, i understand exactly this idea . the most nice that it’s contains 7agat 7ilwa $ usfull thank u 4 it

    1. Mohannad El-Tayeb says:

      Thanks Isbah,
      I’m very happy that you like it…
      and I hope u’ll make urs soon…

  2. We really enjoyed your Blog Mohannad and Everyone is going to bother you now trying to get their own set up 🙂 Khalid (Not the teacher who recommended the book)

  3. ibtihal techno girl says:

    I downloaded the english book, it’s realy good book.. thanx v.much mohannad (^_^) i hope u’ll improve ur E.lang

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